The 4th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Announces Circana as a Silver Sponsor

The 4th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is pleased to announce Circana as a Silver Sponsor at the conference held on October 25-28, 2011.

West Palm Beach, FL, August 19, 2011 --( Circana is a membership-based organization for individuals who live abroad and can benefit from self-paid health and wellness services in the United States. Circana provides its members with Personalized Health Solutions designed to help them address immediate health concerns, sustain continuous health while traveling and maintain long-term wellness. Circana offers its members access to the Circana Healthcare Partner Network, which is made up of the nation’s most respected hospitals such as The Cleveland Clinic, Miami Children’s Hospital and the University of Miami Health System, among others. Circana Expert Health Coordinators help members choose the doctor and hospital that is right for them and guide them every step of the way- no matter how simple or complex their medical needs are. Circana also offers health and wellness services to its members when traveling to the United States, including access to urgent care facilities; preventive, routine and elective procedures; assistance with managing chronic conditions during travel; and discounts and perks at retailers and specialty services. Circana is not insurance, so members only pay for the services they receive.

"The medical tourism industry is thriving as healthcare becomes globalized. Patients are seeking lower cost options for discretionary procedures, but more importantly, they are seeking options beyond their borders to obtain the world’s best medical care and most advanced technologies- whether they need to have an urgent procedure, treat a chronic illness or access preventative care,” said Paulo Hala, Managing Director at Circana. “Circana is attending this year’s conference in order to stay abreast of the opportunities and challenges ahead for the industry, and to generate awareness of the importance of inbound tourism for healthcare institutions in the United States among conference attendees," he added.

This is the one event per year where Employers, Self Funded Health Plans, Insurance Companies, and Medical Tourism Facilitators that are looking to outsource healthcare overseas have the opportunity to meet with top International Hospitals and Medical Tourism Companies in one place for the ultimate networking event. As a Silver Sponsor, Circana will receive multiple benefits including recognition throughout the conference and preferred exhibit booth placement.

This year they have allocated a budget to bring in up to 400 buyers of healthcare that includes global multinational employers, insurance companies and health insurance agents. The conference will feature over 150 exhibitors and sponsors, 100+ speakers and up to 1,500 attendees from over 87 countries. Save the date today by going to the Medical Tourism Congress website and register for this once a year event.

The conference is the dedicated annual event of the Medical Tourism Association, the nonprofit trade association in the Medical Tourism industry, and media partner Medical Tourism Magazine, the only dedicated magazine for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry, and by Medical Tourism City,, a social network for the medical tourism and global healthcare industry with over one thousand participants from over sixty countries.

The 4th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will also feature four additional conferences, the Global Benefits Conference,, focusing on international employers and insurance companies, the Healthcare Development Conference,, focusing on the growth of medical tourism in the healthcare sector and the building and development of healthcare facilities around the world, the Healthcare Investment Conference,, creating awareness about healthcare investment opportunities around the world and the Health and Wellness Conference, focusing on the continuous growing health and wellness industry.

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Silvana Maldonado