New “Boardroom Q&A” Book Looks at Board Role in Financial Crisis; NY Media Tour Kicks Off August 24

New York, NY, August 19, 2011 --( How can a corporate board get a good handle on company risks? What does a CEO need from the board in a time of crisis? Has the board lost faith in its CEO? Author Ralph Ward looks at these and other urgent boardroom questions when he unveils his new e-book, “Boardroom Q&A" ( with a media tour in New York City August 24 - 27.

At a moment when the world’s financial markets have turned manic and the economic outlook grim, Ward sees corporate boards frustrated by the limits of their role. “Boards deal with long-term strategy better than they do short-term crises.” Some boards limit their crisis role to projecting “keep calm and carry on” reassurance or, worse, just being one more hand the CEO needs to hold.

Ward finds that the best-practice board makes itself an asset during times of crisis by: Reassuring key constituencies, such as investors, customers, employees, and suppliers; reviewing the board’s own risk assessment and oversight structure to give early warning on vulnerabilities; assuring that long-term interests, such as capital investment, talent development, and growth strategies, are maintained; assessing the board’s ability to support management, while objectively weighing the CEO’s performance.

“Boardroom Q&A,” just published as an e-book (Amazon Kindle edition), also includes more than 100 other real-world answers for the toughest questions asked by corporate directors. ( Chapters include:

-- Board Structure and Procedures
-- Wrestling with Board Information
-- Personal Issues
-- Liabilities
-- My Personal Board Portfolio
-- Paysetting for the Board and Execs
-- Crises
-- Board Leadership
-- Board/Management Issues

Ralph Ward is an internationally-known writer, speaker, and advisor on corporate board and corporate governance issues. He is author of five books, including the new “Boardroom Q&A,” publisher of Boardroom INSIDER, the online monthly for corporate boards, and editor of The Corporate Board magazine.

New York Media Note: Ralph Ward will be in New York City promoting Boardroom Q&A from Wednesday August 24 through Saturday August 27 2011. To schedule your media interviews call 989-833-7615, or email

Boardroom Q&A - Ralph Ward Answers Your Toughest Boardroom Questions
Publication Date: August 2011
Price: $7.95 (Amazon Kindle edition)
ISBN: 978-0-615-52037-7

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