Protective Packaging Announces Corrosion Prevention Services

Protective Packaging has launched corrosion prevention services that are customized to fulfill corrosion prevention requirements in a large scale. Companies are now able to reduce refurbishment costs with protective packaging solutions and corrosion protection services.

Carrollton, TX, August 19, 2011 --( As the economy has slowed over the last few years, companies have been forced to lay off workers and shut down factories, plants and manufacturing facilities. This has lead to an upsurge in the need for properly securing and preserving costly equipment and machinery while it is dormant. If they don’t take safeguarding precautions now, companies face the expensive task of refurbishing and/or replacing equipment when the time comes to produce.

While working with several companies facing plant shutdowns, Protective Packaging Corporation has developed a range of corrosion prevention services tailored to meet large-scale corrosion prevention demands. These services include site analysis, corrosion assessment, preservation recommendations, training and on-site packaging. “Executives are realizing that they can preserve equipment now for a fraction of the cost of refurbishing or replacing it in the future,” commented Protective Packaging Corporation President Steve Hanna.

A case in point: A large gas plant in South America shut down due to economic pressures and top-level management was unaware of the corrosive decay that had set in over a relatively short period of time. When it came to light, Protective Packaging dispatched a team of corrosion prevention professionals to evaluate the situation and help the company implement a solution.

The Protective Packaging team conducted an extensive inventory of parts, testing the corrosion levels throughout the facility, and then implemented an overall corrosion prevention plan. Once the review was complete, the team documented preservation recommendations by type of metal, location, environmental conditions and estimated length of storage time. Protective Packaging’s solutions included a wide range of moisture barrier materials (polyethylene/foil films), various sizes of desiccants to absorb any remaining moisture within the barrier bags, volatile corrosion inhibitors to protect outside metals from corrosion, and corrosion prevention expertise; the know-how to use which materials in specific situations, and where to use them. The team was able to train the workers so that they could continue to develop their overall corrosion prevention processes for long-term success.

The customer was able to dramatically reduce costs of repairing or replacing parts and machinery at the facility due to corrosion, weathering, UV damage, pest contamination or other debris build-up. “We would normally have to replace the entire engine, but now can rely on the protective packaging to prevent decay on our machines,” said the plant’s quality assurance supervisor.

Protective Packaging spent four days training workers to recognize where protection is needed and how to apply it. “We are willing to travel the world to educate the facilities that are shutting down, either long-term or until a recovery begins, on how they can save millions of dollars by simply understanding the methods of long-term protection. There are so many alternatives to crating everything and placing them in a temperature-controlled warehouse,” noted Hanna.

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About Protective Packaging:
Protective Packaging is a flexible packaging converter with more than 25 years of experience providing static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags and corrosion prevention solutions. Initially founded to service the United States government and military, Protective Packaging has extensive experience developing protective packaging solutions that adhere to the most rigorous requirements. From protecting a weapons system for long-term storage, to massive turbine generators for transportation, the company can implement versatile solutions. Protective Packaging offers consulting services as well as on-site packaging services to help companies select and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective packaging solutions.

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