Expands Credit Repair Leads Division to Include Live Transfer Credit Repair Leads to Menu

Cranford, NJ, August 19, 2011 --(, a leader in lead generation for the credit repair industry, has officially launched their live transfer credit repair leads program today.

Previously, was focused on internet credit repair leads only. Like the existing program, clients pay only for results – the inbound credit repair call or live transfer – and don’t pay for any of the advertising used to generate the call. Every call is someone in need of credit repair services – so they’re true credit repair live transfer calls.

Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Consorte, says “Clients – especially those in the credit repair industry – need results and they need them fast. Our clients only pay for results - period. With credit repair, margins can be tight – so credit repair lead buyers need to see the immediate return on their investment.”

The initial pay-per-inbound-call program launched in 2010 but demand was initially slow so it was temporarily discontinued. Demand then increased as the credit repair industry gained traction due to a dismal global economy. Consorte went on to say, “Demand for credit repair leads is growing – so moving to a more robust lead platform – like live transfer credit repair leads – is an obvious fit for our model. We’re currently generating several hundred credit repair live transfers daily – but our goal is to be up to 1,000 calls daily by October of this year”. is a division of Integrated Direct LLC. The Integrated companies, specialists in lead generation, were formed in 1999 and are based in Cranford, NJ. For more information call 866-910-5323 or visit

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