Arab Non-Violence Society Commemorated World Humanitarian Day

External Relations Advisor of the Arab Non-Violence Society Dr. Naseer Homoud’s message on World Humanitarian Day. Appreciating the efforts of humanitarian aid works, he termed it as the world’s most impossible job.

Doha, Qatar, August 20, 2011 --( Observing World Humanitarian Day Dr. Naseer Homoud, External Relations Advisor of Arab Non-Violence Society and Honorary Member of Arab Youth Media Forum said “This day serves as reminder to pay tribute to the brave humanitarian workers who devote their time and energy to come to the rescue of innocent victims of war and natural catastrophes across the world. The setting up of this special day is in recognition of the importance of their work and is aimed at paying tribute to those dedicated humanitarian workers who lost their lives while helping others.” He further said “Let us join citizens around the world for honoring the real life heroes who leave no stones unturned in providing assistance to victims of conflict and natural disasters, and in honoring the memory of more than 700 humanitarian workers who have been killed in service over the past decade. World Humanitarian Day is a time to recognize all humanitarian personnel who have worked in promotion of the humanitarian cause.”

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Homoud said “For many communities facing conflicts, natural disasters, and under development, aid workers are a symbol of hope and renewal, each day they are in the front lines in some of the world’s most difficult places ensuring that families have access to a better and more dignified life.” He asserted that individuals working towards the humanitarian cause commit themselves to the core humanitarian principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence and their efforts deserves not only appreciation but the unconditional support from every corner of the society. “This day belongs to all humanitarian personnel working in dangerous regions, often risking their lives, in order to relieve the suffering of vulnerable populations. I want to express my profound respect for and appreciation of their courage and devotion,” said Dr. Homoud.

Urging for viable protection for the humanitarian personnel Dr. Homoud said “The security of humanitarian personnel should be the priority for states. The attacks against them negate the solidarity which forms the basis of humanitarian action. They represent a scourge for the international community and all states must take appropriate measures to deal with them.” He said that any threat to the safety of humanitarian workers around the world is unacceptable. “These threats and attacks have a double impact. People whose only motive is to help others are being killed and injured. And as a result, aid that is essential for the survival of millions of civilians, many of them women and children, is often scaled back in the wake of the attacks,” said Dr. Homoud. He went on to say “Every humanitarian aid worker must be free to serve without fear for their safety, and every person in the world must be able to pursue their objectives in peace and security.”

Urging youths to come forward for this noble work Dr. Homoud said “The world demands a lot from its aid workers. And the future is sure to ask more of us. With the impending mega-trends of climate change, water shortages, urbanization, food scarcity, and global economic recession, the call to action is formidable.” He further added “It is a cruel irony that at a time of the most monumental technological advances in the history of human civilization, we also have the greatest number of people who do not have enough food, water, medicine, and shelter. Humanitarian aid professionals work in situations that simply should not exist.” Congratulating the aid workers he said “to all humanitarians on this day, we thank you and admire you for your ongoing commitment to serving those in need.”

Arab Non-Violence Society
Farrukh Khan