Blind Dating Blind Pokes Fun at Online Dating Movement and Its Participants

Aspiring Author Seeks to Capture the Perils of Modern Dating in a Witty Light-Hearted Blog/Book.

Bellflower, CA, August 22, 2011 --( “Ever have a girl catch you staring at her while you're talking? I did. But I wasn't staring at her boobs, I was checking her neck for an Adam's Apple.” Aside from funny comic illustrations, this is the kind of wit you can expect from Blind Dating Blind, a blog/book written by new author J.Y. Blind. The book chronicles his 3-year sabbatical from a “mundane,” almost non existent dating life, to an online dating marathon packed with humorous dating blunders and mishaps as well as heartfelt candor.

“This project is unique in that readers of the blog get to see me develop these stories in real time and they can have input that will directly impact the final published work,” explains Blind. The author goes on to point out that normally a book is a finished literary work that you either like or don’t like. But by writing Blind Dating Blind in blog fashion first and allowing input from readers via comments, he can gauge his audience's enthusiasm for a given story or topic and edit the material before publishing it with a more favorable slant.

You may be familiar with this quote from a popular online dating service commercial, “The world has in five relationships now begin on an online dating site.” The online dating industry is growing at a rapid rate. People are logging on now more than ever to find that special someone. But what happens when you are presented with a smorgasbord of choices, but still can’t seem to find Mr. or Ms. Right? The soon to be published book makes light of the many frustrations online dating participants face (including Blind) in their search for love and happiness. “I feel I can help people by giving them something to relate to and laugh at, and in the process show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel,” says Blind.

Blind Dating Blind
J.Y. Blind