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Direct Online Marketing™ to Host Free Seminar on Search Engine Marketing

Justin Seibert, Owner & President of Direct Online Marketing™, hosts the first of two free Webinars on April 3 at 12:30 PM: Search Engine Marketing.

Wheeling, WV, April 03, 2007 --( In this free Webinar (short for Web seminar), Seibert will explain how businesses large and small are making money with search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing: Learn how businesses can make money - and bring money in from out of state - in a measurable cost-effective way, is part of a six Webinar series on business marketing strategies hosted by WV Connectivity throughout the spring.

Free Search Engine Marketing Webinar
Seibert will introduce attendees to the $10 billion/year search engine marketing industry and explain why utilizing search engines like Google and Yahoo! should be incorporated into an overall marketing strategy. Included will be a discussion of the two forms of search engine marketing: paid search (pay-per-click, PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Paid Search Benefits
The benefits of paid search marketing include a unique pricing feature of paid search known as cost-per-click (CPC) that allows advertisers to only pay when a potential client actually clicks on their ad. Cost-per-click pricing enables companies to keep their costs at a minimum and only advertise to self-selected leads. These leads can be further targeted by geographic location to any particular metro area, state, or country.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits
Seibert will also discuss the benefits of search engine optimization, which include greater visibility of your site in the non-paid, natural listings of a search engine. By optimizing a Web site for search engines, users will have a greater chance of finding the site, particularly when it appears in the “Golden Triangle” of listings that receive the most eyeballs on any given search. Seibert says, “This free Webinar will educate attendees on how to use search engine marketing to enhance their overall marketing strategy and cut down on wasted advertising and unqualified leads.”

Seibert will also host a free Webinar on the Do’s and Don’ts of Business Blogging on April 10.

About the Webinar Series
A Webinar is the Web version of a seminar or conference by allowing people to attend simultaneously all over the world. Attendees will receive a toll-free number to call at the start of the Webinar and a unique URL for the Web presentation. The WV Connectivity free Webinar series began on March 20 with a Marketing 101 Webinar hosted by George Manahan of the Manahan Group. The series will continue every Tuesday until April 24. Additional presenters have and will include: Larry Malone of Malone Consulting Services on Innovative Marketing Strategies, Jeff James of Microsoft Corporation on Relationship Marketing, and Rich Hackenberg of Microsoft Enterprise Business Solutions on Customer Relationship Management Tools.

For more information or to attend the Search Engine Marketing Webinar at no charge, visit Direct Online Marketing™.

About Direct Online Marketing™
Direct Online Marketing™ is Wheeling, West Virginia’s only full-service internet marketing firm and is focused on working with the unique needs of each client in order to achieve bottom-line results. The company aims to help its clients increase their sales and generate quality leads through targeted online marketing tactics such as search engine marketing, blog building, email campaigns, and Web site development.

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