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Personal Development Institute Aims to Present a Life Changing Event

Experience a single event that just may awaken the stranger within you. “Awaken” will combine three separate forums into one single event debuting April 2007 in Atlanta and includes the ground-breaking film "the Secret".

Atlanta, GA, April 04, 2007 --( The Personal Development Institute invites you to experience a single event that just may awaken the stranger within you. “Awaken” will combine three separate forums into one single event debuting April 14/15, 2007 in Atlanta, and will dare the participants to envision, believe and create a new view of themselves and the world around them. Presented through three blockbuster independent films and a discussion forum, awaken predicts, the sleeper must awaken.

“The Secret” is a ground-breaking feature-length movie featured twice on Oprah, twice on Larry King Live and raved about on The Ellen Degeneres Show. This film features philosophers, scientists and the world's leading personal development authors who will explain the Secret “Law of Attraction” that has utterly transformed the lives of every person who ever knew and lived by it.

“What the Bleep do We Know” tells the story of the journey of a stressed-out, divorced photographer from anxiety and depression to enlightenment and skillfully blends this story with footage from interviews of some of the world's leading scientists, philosophers and spiritual teachers to deliver a powerful message: you create your own reality through your thoughts and emotions, and therefore have the power to change your 'reality'

“One... the movie” is a film about a contemporary journey towards a timeless destiny and weaves the novice film-makers' remarkable adventures with the answers to life's ultimate questions in a journey that just may transform your way of seeing the world as One. This film asks the big questions of life to people on the street and to many of the world's most renowned and respected spiritual leaders, authors, icons and celebrated masters.

"I can't imagine anybody participating and not feeling changed in a deeply personal way,” says Donald Gordon Carty, author and facilitator of the event. “This is going to be a remarkable life changing event for anyone interested in the idea of the mind and how it affects their reality!"

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own ideas to awaken each other to a new way of thinking about what it is to be human and what it takes to make life and work more rewarding and fulfilling. A collection of selected topics from the films will be available to help inspire and guide the discussions.

Donald Gordon Carty, who will present the films and help guide the discussion, is an internationally known author, personal training and development consultant, and motivational speaker. Donald’s experience as a leader and highly touted personal development expert translates into dynamic, and profound presentations, that will instruct you professionally, touch you personally, and inspire you to reach for the highest within yourself.

The Personal Development Institute is a think tank that collaborates with dreamers and innovators who specialize in the field of developing and unleashing personal creativity. Awaken serves humanity through its’ commitment to maximize the creative potential in every individual. Awaken emerges out of a unique philosophy and reflects the Personal Development Institute’s commitment to creativity, uniqueness, innovation and diversity.

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