Car Accessories Store, Autoyet Warned People to Watch Out for GPS Hackers

Motorists have to watch out for GPS hackers if they connected GPS trackers to cell phones according to auto parts store Autoyet.

Hong Kong, China, August 24, 2011 --( Car accessories seller Autoyet warned people to watch out for GPS hackers at its new product launch ceremony on August 19.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that security consultants Don Beiley, Mathew Solnik and iSEC Partners demonstrated with a notebook how they forced cars with certain alarm systems to open cars’ doors and start their engines by sending them messages. They found out that car alarms, GPS systems and other devices were increasingly connected to mobile phone networks and thus could receive commands through text messaging. Text message was one means of hackers according to Gerald Tsang, Public Relations manager for auto parts store Autoyet.

The new product release conference of Autoyet was held in Xiangxi Hotel of Hong Kong about GPS trackers. At the new product launch ceremony, Gerald Tsang emphasized that people had to watch out for GPS and other possible hackers.

Mr. Tsang said, “More and more devices could be connected to mobile phone networks, which allows people to change settings on devices through remote control but also gives hackers a way in. Computer hackers can force some cars to unlock their doors and start their engines without a key by sending specially crafted messages to a car's anti-theft system. They can also spy on where you've been by tapping the car's GPS system. Texts are a strong means of attack because the devices that receive them generally cannot refuse texts and the commands encoded in them. Users can't block texts; only operators of the phone networks can. Though the new GPS trackers are designed with stricter standards to guard against hackers but people still have to watch out for possible attacks.”

Mr. Tsang also unveiled that researchers and car makers were working on this issue.

“Specialists have found this flaw and it will be solved in several months. Car owners don’t need to panic,” said Mr. Tsang.

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