AnaSpec Offers ClearPoint™ β-Amyloid Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

San Jose, CA, August 24, 2011 --( AnaSpec, the world’s largest provider of β-amyloid peptide and Alzheimer’s research reagents, also provides ClearPoint™ β-Amyloid custom peptide synthesis service. ClearPoint™ peptides are AnaSpec’s trademark collection of heavy or stable isotope labeled peptides and amino acids.

ClearPoint™ peptides offer a choice of heavy carbon (13C), or nitrogen (15N)-isotopes specifically labeled at single or universal positions. With over 10 years of successful synthesis, ClearPoint™ peptides are the proven solution for optimum quality heavy isotope labeled peptides.

These peptides can be used for the quantitative analyses of β-amyloid peptides in biological fluids using mass spectrometry (MS). The inclusion of internal heavy isotope labeled peptide standards makes mass spectrometry an absolute quantitation (AQUA) method for the peptide of interest.1

β-Amyloid (1-40) and (1-42) peptides have been used as biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Historically, ELISA assays have been used in the quantitation of these peptides. However, technical challenges such as the tendency of β-amyloid (1-40) and (1-42) peptides to self-aggregate, undergo post-translational modifications or bind to other proteins often result in inaccuracies in quantitation when using ELISA.2 Oe, et al. reported the use of [15N]-labeled β-Amyloid peptides as internal standards using immunoaffinity purified CSF.2

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1. Harding, S. (ed.) 2007. Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Reviews. Nottingham Univ. Press, Nottingham.

2. 2. Oe, T. et al. Rapid Comm. Mass Spec. 20, 3723 (2006).

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