TalentKeepers’ FirstFit® Survey and Handshake Connection Are Available Now

TalentKeepers’ non-anonymous survey, FirstFit®, places the emphasis of the employee-leader relationship from Day 1 in order to increase performance and employee engagement.

Winter Park, FL, August 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Employee engagement has become a popular talent management initiative over the past few years. This popularity has been driven, in part, by numerous research studies showing that engaged employees deliver better results for their organizations. Two organizational outcomes in particular have received a lot of attention in the research: financial results (e.g., increased profitability, increase sales volumes) and customer satisfaction metrics (e.g., overall satisfaction, willingness to recommend the company/product). Couple these desirable outcomes with a realization that, due to the recession, employees are staying with their organizations longer and it is easy to understand why many organizations are focusing on employee engagement.

The high costs of disengaged employees reach far and deep into organizations. Both anonymous and non-anonymous engagement surveys are one of the most valuable tools to help organizations assess and attack issues that cause employees to become disengaged. Not only do these surveys reveal the signs of what areas need improvement but point to ways to increase productivity while also strengthening employee-leader relationships, supporting a climate in which employees are motivated to work harder, and drive results.

What’s the best use for a non-anonymous survey? Non-anonymous surveys are best used to help leaders connect with each of their team members as individuals on non-threatening issues that are important to them. The content of non-anonymous surveys varies widely but some effective issues to ask are: desired leadership attributes, career preferences, and recognition that matters most. Non-anonymous surveys are often used to supplement an anonymous employee engagement survey.

TalentKeepers offers a powerful non-anonymous engagement survey called FirstFit®. The survey helps organizations effectively and consistently engage their employees by building stronger relationships between each employee and their leader. The FirstFit® survey is part of the Handshake Connection solution that was an award-winning process that received “The Top Training Program of the Year” Award from Human Resource Executive Magazine in 2008.

“Our FirstFit® survey and Handshake Connection, does not evaluate the leader or the employee. It’s a short but powerful process that gets to the needs of the team member and allows the leader to embrace flexibility in his/her leadership approach,”comments Christopher Mulligan, TalentKeepers CEO.

The FirstFit® survey and Handshake Connectionis available now. For more information, or to obtain access to the survey, please contact Kerri Weber at kweber@talentkeepers.com.

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TalentKeepers® has spent the past decade researching the reasons why employees choose to join, stay or leave a company. By optimizing co-worker, employee, leader and organizational activities that keep talented employees motivated to help their company succeed, TalentKeepers has become one of the most well known and trusted names in the human resources industry. For more information about TalentKeepers, please go to www.talentkeepers.com.

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