Women Nurture Through Social Media

Women on the Verge, an online community of women that blog, tweet and post on Facebook and Youtube, is turning two on September 16.

Tucson, AZ, August 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- An online community can be a woman’s best friend.

Women on the Verge is an online community where women all around the world can find support or talk about anything, whether it’s a new job, talking about motherhood, or just a new pair of jeans.

Celebrating its second anniversary this September 16th, Women on the Verge (WOTV) continues to be the friend that is available 24/7 in every time zone around the world, via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, online radio and more.

WOTV, which has been featured in Marie Claire magazine, has over 10,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and all the aforementioned media. Its members’ blogs, who span every continent except Antarctica - also garner around 1,000,000 hits per month on the website www.womenontheverge.net. Similar to Facebook or Linkedin, members have profiles on their page, as well as a blog that can be used for any subject, including thoughts on a monthly topic.

“Women in their true nature are nurturing and supportive,” says founder and member Ana Lewis. “Since the beginning of time, we have nurtured our children’s growth, our husband’s career, and our elderly parents. What happens when we nurture each other? What happens when we direct that kind and supportive energy to other women? Women on the Verge happens.”

To celebrate its terrible twos, WOTV is inviting current and new members to blog about this month’s topic: How Are You on the Verge?

Lewis’ named the community WOTV because she’s always felt like she’s growing, learning, curious - or on the verge - just like many women out there feel as well. “Plus, the term always made me smile,” she says, adding their methods have always been a little bit tongue-in-cheek.

Women on the Verge was founded in September 2009 by Lewis in Tucson, Arizona. Lewis previously belonged to an online community for work at home moms where she found valuable support on how to balance work and family life. However the site didn’t provide information about who she was interacting with. So Lewis started Women on the Verge, featuring profiles, or online directories of all participants. She later launched a WOTV Twitter account, and attracted more than 100 followers on the first day. WOTV now incorporates all sorts of social media, and continues to grow its members and audience.

Women on the Verge
Ana Lewis