Breakthrough Parenting Program Relieves Parents of High School Senioritis

17 Going on Adult launches a new program focused on improving the parent/teenager relationship at a time when kids are least likely to listen.

Highlands Ranch, CO, August 25, 2011 --( 17 Going on Adult announces the launch of their new program focused on improving the parent/teenager relationship at a time when many consider this age the most difficult to parent. Knowing the exact parenting strategies to help children flourish after high school is one of life’s great mysteries. 17 Going on Adult is a customizable program specifically designed to prepare teenagers for the transition to adulthood. Both parent and teen learn new techniques that facilitate good communication and healthy interaction no matter how rocky the road becomes in the final year of high school, as well as childhood.

The success rate of the program over the past five (5) years prompted Joe Murray, Founder of 17 Going on Adult, to make the program available to the general public on DVD and through streaming video which can be accessed within the membership area of their site at: In combination with the customizable toolkit that comes with the program, 17 Going on Adult is flexible enough to suit almost any family situation.

"I’ve worked with many families with different circumstances including boys and girls, single child, divorced parents, and almost any other situation you can describe," stated Joe Murray. "In each case the results have been amazing! Kids learn the skills and find the confidence to meet coming of age challenges. Parents feel more confident in their child’s readiness for the real world. Both parent and child reaps the rewards of a more peaceful household and a more gratifying relationship."

One such successful case had this to say about the program, "As a parent, I found it challenging to give up the control I thought I had. But as I saw my son thinking about his decisions in a long-term fashion it gave me the peace of mind to know that the basic principles of 17 Going on Adult were right on. Our relationship strengthened, the arguing reduced dramatically, and the respect we have for one another is much deeper and more sincere." - Bridget, Seattle, WA

About 17 Going on Adult

17 Going on Adult is committed to helping families ease the stress and tension during a teenager’s last year in High School. This program was founded by parents for parents and implements a set of mutual ground rules that both the parents and the teenagers can follow, instills mutual respect, and sets the stage for the inevitable… starting with high school graduation, someone is moving on. For more information, visit

17 Going On Adult
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