Moment of Truth; O.Berk’s New Domed Ovals Deliver

Union, NJ, August 25, 2011 --( Successful CPG brands don't just decorate packaging. They dress their products with distinction, impact and one singular goal: to inspire action. As consumers roam the aisles and peruse the shelves, they’re sizing up your product alongside the competition. Only one brand will win. At that critical “Moment of Truth,” package design plays its most critical role. Colors, graphic elements, textures and accents blend to form an immediate brand impression, one that hopefully resonates with the consumer and stimulates a purchase.

O.Berk’s Domed Oval plastic bottles were designed with that in mind. Domed Ovals are ideal for the most dynamic and unique decorating ideas you can think of, delivering your brand with color and style. Domed Oval bottles, with their broad front and back panel areas, are an accommodating canvas for the most vivid designs, whether on labels, silk-screened, hot stamped, or intricate decorating combinations.

Available in clear PET and PCR, Domed Ovals come in 8 oz., 16 oz. and 20 oz. sizes, and can be fitted with a wide range of pumps, sprayers, caps and dispensing closures. They’re ideal for shampoos, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, antibacterial gels, cleansers, household products, and more. Plus, the larger sizes represent a great packaging option for brands sold in larger capacities at “big box stores” or used in salons.


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O.Berk Company with four locations on the east coast provides complete packaging services and solutions to the beauty/personal care, pharmaceutical/healthcare, food/beverage, and household/ industrial markets, with stock and custom plastic and glass containers, caps, pumps, sprayers, along with labeling and decorating services.
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Steven Nussbaum