Green Deal Site Aims for Eco-Friendly Title

WhereYouShop looks to top the charts with its environmentally friendly business model, Web page and referral program.

Des Plaines, IL, August 25, 2011 --( WhereYouShop, a new Chicago-based deal website focused on user-customized shopping areas, launches its Be Green Web page, aimed at showing subscribers how to turn their shopping routine into an ode to Mother Nature.

“Our green initiatives are putting us on path to becoming the most eco-friendly deals website on the market,” said Dante Monteverde, WhereYouShop President. “Our recently launched Be Green page provides fun and useful tips about sustainable shopping, and our blog offers eco-friendly humor, but it’s our business model that really puts us ahead of the pack.

“Our patented software gives us a new approach to deal sites. Subscribers define the areas they frequently visit—down to the street level—and only get deals in these pre-defined locations, which means less driving and less pollution.”

To keep its own emissions low, WhereYouShop sales representatives are responsible for the area in which they live. WhereYouShop sales territories span as far north as Kenosha, Wis. and as far south as northwest Indiana, with deals everywhere in between.

“By going outside of the immediate Chicagoland area, we are staying true to the idea that we have deals to fit our subscribers’ routines,” said Monteverde. “Our hyperlocal focus helps the environment as much as it does local economies. When you buy local, more money stays local.”

WhereYouShop also enters the green race by offering a way for subscribers to zero their carbon footprint.

“Our referral program has always been the must lucrative, but now it’s the greenest, too,” said Monteverde. “Subscribers can earn $75 in WhereYouShop Bucks, many times over. Plus, when they send us 10 friends over the course of one year, and all 10 purchase a deal, we plant 20 trees in their honor. This plan, in partnership with our organization, allows us to zero our subscribers’ carbon footprint.”

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