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Novatein Biosciences

NovaTeinBio Introduces New CD Antigens to Company Catalogue

Cambridge, MA, August 25, 2011 --( Cambridge, MA-based biomedical innovator and assay development specialist NovaTeinBio has recently announced that they have introduced a new array of products to their existing catalogue of CD antigens. These new products are designed to help medical researchers to increase their understanding of the genesis of common diseases, therefore improving the potential for cures to be discovered.

Across the world, biological reagents providers such as NovaTeinBio are at the very core of the biomedical research community. Thanks to their work, medical research teams are provided with novel proteins and antibodies that help to increase the speed at which they are able to carry crucial research into the way diseases develop, thus accelerating potential drug discovery. Currently, the company offers a wide array of ELISA kits, recombinant proteins, antibodies that are created within their innovative in-house facility. In addition, they also distribute products from other key biomedical industry suppliers.

Within the company’s new selection of CD Antigens is the CD-4 (203-317 A.A) Human Recombinant, which is a single chain transmembrane glycoprotein that is found primarily on mature helper T-cells and immature thymocytes. This superb product is ideal for a broad base of laboratory applications, for example in innovative protein assay development, antibody production for disease research, and in western blotting tests where it can be utilized to detect specific proteins within a client sample.

As research teams at top pharmaceutical companies continue to search for clues that will lead to the eradication of serious diseases such as HIV, it is protein development specialists like NovaTeinBio who will be providing the tools for their high priority work. Through the new additions to the company catalogue, it is hoped that the company can continue to lead the industry to new areas of biomedical discovery.

Bo Guo