CEO/Director of Burst Agency, Cynthia Walton, Offers Unique Branding Services

Atlanta, GA, September 21, 2011 --( CEO/Director of Burst Agency, Cynthia Walton, brings a certain energy to promoting and branding like no other. Her excellent leadership and ability to strategically build character representation for a person or product is second to none.

“The Renaissance Woman,” as she is affectionately referred to by her peers has developed an impressive background in the entertainment and event planning business. She got her start in Dayton, Ohio as the marketing manager and special events planner for the Dayton Art Institute. Through this job, Cynthia and other prominent figures in her field quickly realized her natural talent for producing and executing first class events.

In response, Cynthia started her own company in 2000 and began putting on high-class events for congressmen and music artists in the Dayton area, as well as visiting celebrities. She hosted events such as tennis tournaments, concerts, celebrity fundraisers, product launch parties and corporate meetings. Her immense success in this area prompted Cynthia to take her talents to the larger metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA.

In 2006, Cynthia launched Burst Entertainment, which focused mainly on event planning and other services for the music industry in Atlanta.

The company has now expanded to Burst Agency, a full service special events production, media relations and affluent lifestyle management firm that represents clients in the fashion, entertainment and corporate sectors. Cynthia’s leadership and superior networking abilities has allowed the agency to grow and garner attention and respect in the Atlanta area.

Cynthia takes a unique approach to each of her clients and becomes their brand ambassador. “I make the people who make the money,” she says. She brands each client appropriately to enhance their already present skills and personality. She truly brings out the best in them and provides them with a consistent, clean image. Cynthia and her team then work to promote the clients and get them national attention.

For more information please contact: Burst Agency at or (404) 857-8290. For booking email: Cynthia Walton| CEO direct contact: (404) 734-8507.

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