Dwaine Clarke Writes New Book on How Investors Can Achieve 3X, 4X, Even 5X the of Yield of CD’s, Money Markets, Stocks and Even Bonds Using Investment Real Estate

New book Apartment Building Wealth reveals proven strategies the most successful and wealthiest real estate investors use to out perform financial markets, beat inflation, build wealth and create financial security.

Hartford, CT, August 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Discover How to Build Wealth, Create a stream of Income and Establish Financial Security Like the Pros Do

With a new economy, comes a new way of thinking as well as doing. Time to take control over your financial success.

In these uncertain times we are seeing financial institutions and mega corporations falling along with our 401K's and savings. Time for a new approach to investing.

Inside the Apartment Building Wealth book you will discover the exact system and proven strategies of the wealthiest and most successful real estate investors in this simple, step by step guide book. Whether you are a new investor or seasoned investor this book will show you the road map to building wealth and financial security through apartment investments.

Dwaine Clarke is the President and founder of the Clarke Real Estate Group, a real estate investment and advisory firm focusing on the acquisition and management of apartment and commercial investment real estate. Dwaine has lectured and written extensively on apartment and commercial property investment, financing and syndication. He is one of America's top experts in apartment and commercial investment property.

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