Electric Motor Werks - Bringing Thousands of High-Performance Car Conversions to the US Roads

Electric Motor Werks (EMotorWerks) is a California Group focused on promoting high performance electric conversions. Their mission is to dramatically accelerate adoption of electric car conversions and raise the image of the affordable and fun electric car solutions.

Palo Alto, CA, August 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Electric Motor Werks, California-based company is developing BMW 3-series conversion kits to become available for general consumer by 2012. The kits will target consumers interested in high performance, green energy and maintaining their current cars.

Valery Miftakhov, PhD, founder of EMotorWerks comments: "From an ecological perspective, converting an existing car is far superior to putting yet another car on the road (even if it is a zero emission vehicle). Nevertheless, conversion movement has not taken off on a mass scale yet. Car manufacturers are not interested in conversions; they want to sell more new cars. From an individual perspective, conversion is still a very customized, time consuming, and quite expensive affair. But it does not have to be this way. It is possible to convert a car in as little as 2 days at a third of the price of a new electric car with the same performance (e.g., Tesla Model S at $65K). What is needed is a bolt-on conversion kit for common car models which can be installed by any qualified mechanic."

This is exactly what a new company from San Francisco Bay Area – Electric Motor Werks (“EMotorWerks”) is aspiring to do.

EMotorWerks' first electric conversion was a red convertible Fiat Spider 124 which debuted on May 21-22, 2011 at the Makers Faire held in San Mateo, CA. Since then, it became the official test car for various components developed by the company – charging systems, controllers, EV instrumentation systems, etc.

Today, EMotorWerks technical team consisting of a group of PhD physicists is working on the universal BMW 3-series conversion solution. They are now in the final stages of development; with full bolt-on kits to be available in Q4 of 2011. According to Andrey Kovalev, EMotorWerks Research and Development, the kit will contain:

* A NetGain 11HV motor capable of generating 550hp peak power
* 450V Lithium battery pack (LiFePo4 chemistry)
* 120 mile freeway range with base pack, up to 180 with the extended pack
* 600V 1500A controller prototype by EMotorWerks

"EMotorWerks is dedicated to providing their technology as open source to promote high performance electrical conversions in our country and beyond. Already available are open source designs for intelligent charging systems capable of charging a 100-mile EV in just 3 hours. Open source controllers and open source EV instrumentation systems are soon to follow,” says Valery Miftakhov.

Electric Motor Werks (EMotorWerks) mission is to dramatically accelerate adoption of electric car conversions and raise the image of the affordable AND fun electric car solutions.

For more information, please visit website at http://www.eMotorWerks.com or email to info@eMotorWerks.com.
Electric Motor Werks
Julia Sirotina