Released to 100 Million Students in 52 Countries

Students can instantly grade their university on 14 key services and facilities in realtime and anonymously. The resulting league tables assist prospective students and parents in selecting a University. Voting can only occur from a University computer. Anyone can view the results. The site includes a direct link to every listed University web site.

London, United Kingdom, April 05, 2007 --( is a new and unique website allowing students and staff who study to vote and grade the services and facilities offered to them on campus. This builds up a picture or league table of what students really think about their student experience. The site does not concentrate on learning and teachning but on the other facilities such as sports and leisure that play an important part in the time at University.

There is no login or membership as the site automatically detects if a student is sitting at a University computer. If so the student can vote instantly and anonymously. Already ten Universities on 3 continents have started voting and soon we will have a real resource for potential students and their parents as well as allowing an opportunity for current students to have their say.

The website currently lists 3000 Universities in 52 countries with many more being added weekly. The site is independent of any institution and will act as a valuable realtime resource for media outlets and even vendors who may wish to assist Universities in bettering their services to students and staff.

Grade My University
Steve Jones