Women and Capitalism: Influence and Persuasion Expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, Shares the Top 10 Secrets That Women Need to Know to Become a Capitalist

Men and women are at odds when it comes to power and influence in the context of capitalism. The areas of real power and influence are overwhelmingly occupied by men. Dr. Karen Keller, explains how women in business and female entrepreneurs can step into the capitalist arena and become a more competitive force.

Fort Wayne, IN, August 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, explains what women need to know to arrive in the capitalist arena of power and freedom.

According to Keller, “The definition of capitalism is a socio-economic system in which private ownership leads to profit for the owner. But what does it really mean – for women? Sure, we have Hillary, Oprah and Angelina who make it look as though we are entering the age of women. But let’s not overlook an important exception; the areas of real power and money are overwhelmingly occupied by men. That’s the reality.”

She adds, “Unfortunately, feminism has set the stage for branding women as being better communicators and nurturers. Yet, however solid these qualities are, they don’t convince the Wall Street titans that Ms. MBA has the ‘Kahunas’ to make the big deals. On the contrary, feminism has defined itself as the antithesis to being a capitalist. Little girls aren’t encouraged to become multimillionaire mavens because that goes against the feminist liberal agenda. There is a direct conflict between feminist ideology and real power and influence for women.”

Dr. Keller shares 5 of the top 10 secrets that capitalists use to garner financial stability and freedom:

Secret #1: Being a capitalist isn’t only about income. Because you make a large income doesn’t guarantee entrance into the capitalist class. What you need to do is create a business or revenue stream that generates cash regularly instead of you having to sell your efforts. For example, Sharon is a lawyer who makes more than 300K a year. She puts in at least 80 hours per week. And Rhonda owns a travel agency that generates annual income of 300K but she doesn’t have to run it or be involved in any way. In fact, when she dies her family will still reap the benefits of solid cash flow. Make your money work for you.

Secret #2: ROI for 25 years or more. Focus on projects that will provide income for the long haul, aka greater than the next paycheck. This is where you need to be willing to take the risk. Start that online business. Tell your daughter to start one, too. That online business will generate income plus you are investing time and energy that you have control over. Focus on projects that will result in long term income collection - income that you can reinvest into other ventures that interest you. For example, instead of working for that big coffee shop in the sky, work in your own coffee shop where every cup of Joe is ‘KaChing’ in your cash register.

Secret #3: Diversify sources of income. Which would you rather have, a job that paid you $250,000 or a job that paid $100,000 plus you collected additional income of $150,000 in stock dividends, real estate holdings and consulting fees? If you choose the latter, you’re better likely to survive a recession. Besides, you are not at risk for losing everything if your employer decides to downsize.

Secret #4: Capitalists value their time. This is the very reason they want the biggest chunk of their money to come from passive income (real estate, dividends, pensions, royalties, etc). They realize passive income is the road to freedom.

Secret #5: Capitalists think like farmers. Poor people see money as a finite commodity – it runs out then you wait for more to come in but you only get so much at a time. The capitalist sees money as a seed – just like a farmer. Each nickel that comes your way has the potential to produce or expand into more money. For example, if a teenager saved $10,000 per year and at 12% rate of return (compounded) they’d have $83,692,000 by the time they were 75 years old. But, unfortunately many young people want to have new furniture or a shiny new car right now. Time is a friend to your money and the capitalist knows this.

Keller concluded, “Women have to perceive themselves as capitalists to establish real power and influence. They need to adopt their way of thinking and acting. Obviously, the capitalist is doing something different that results in building wealth. Women can read memoirs, biographies, and reports on the philosophies and what motivates the capitalist to succeed. Learn the mistakes they’ve made and what things they value. It isn’t just about the money but freedom.”

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