Human Endeavour Attended and Exhibited at the MapleFest 2011

Human Endeavour (HE) attended and exhibited at the MapleFest 2011 and showcased the arts and crafts made by the community members under the umbrella of EPIC-Crafts, a social enterprise set up by EPIC.

Vaughan, Canada, August 26, 2011 --( Human Endeavour attended and exhibited at the MapleFest 2011, held at the Maple Community Center Park, August 20-21 and showcased the arts and crafts made by the community members under the umbrella of EPIC-Crafts, a social enterprise set up by EPIC. The event attracted a large number of people over the weekend. Participating in the MapleFest was part of EPIC’s outreach and promotional program targeted towards raising awareness among the community members about the small social enterprises being set up by EPIC’s. The hand-made products displayed in the booth included a beautiful collection of cushions, pillows, painted glass vases, Photography, Greeting Cards and Henna Tattoos.

The booth also hosted the promotional material about EPIC Project and EPIC’s other enterprises such as EPIC Snap, EPIC Print. The event also provided a good platform to distribute flyers and provide information about the upcoming Rangoli Festival being organized on October 1st by Human Endeavour’s ‘Maple Community Building Project’.

Community members showed great interest in the unique and creative artefacts and it also triggered some sales at the spot.

The EPIC Project Coordinator Kanwal Habib states: “It was very encouraging to see community’s response to our products and services showcased at Maple Fest. Such platforms are a great opportunity to talk to people about what EPIC Project is really about and how the clients can benefit from being part of it.”

“It has been a good experience. We are positive about the establishment and growth of our small social enterprises with the help of community members and our partners,” said Ahmed Zakaria, Sales and Marketing Specialist for Human Endeavour. He further added, “We plan to continue expanding on such platforms where we can promote the arts and crafts of our community artists and help them reap some economic benefits.”

The CEO of Human Endeavour Noor Din states: “It is very gratifying to see our dream of community based economic development through social enterprises has become a reality with enterprises and real products through the efforts of Human Endeavour and its partners. Community members can get training, placement and employment opportunities in these enterprises or start their own independent enterprises and become successful and contributing members of the society.”

About Human Endeavour:
Human Endeavour is a non-profit organization working to enable and empower human development, through supporting services in health, education, housing, entrepreneurship and employment, and ensuring everyone can choose to participate without any hindrance in the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of society, in Canada as well as across the globe. It is located in the City of Vaughan and registered with the local municipal government. HE is also a member of Vaughan Chambers of Commerce and various advisory councils in York Region. visit for details

About EPIC:
Enterprise Promotion and Investment Centre (EPIC), a project of Human Endeavour, is working mainly to support the community members willing to become entrepreneurs, enter the work force, become an active part of society and participate in economic activities.

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About MapleFest:
Maplefest symbolizes the spirit of our youth, family and community spirit, and brings it all together at this annual summer festival.

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