Graduation Celebration of Professional Qualification Programs for Low-Income Woman in Rio de Janeiro

Graduation celebration of Professional Qualification Programs that aims to prepare Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup and the Olympic Games, specifically by building capacity of low income women.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 26, 2011 --( On Friday, July 15th 2011 EOSS organized the graduation celebration of some of the over 50 Professional Qualification Programs that were sponsored by the federal Secretariat for Policies for Women and the Superintendency for Women’s Rights in Rio de Janeiro. The program aims to prepare the city for the World Cup and the Olympic Games, specifically by building human capital and capacity of low-income women.

78 participants in the community of Nova Iguaçu received their certificate of completing a 4 weeks course in handcrafts and hair dressing. The event took place in the 'Centro Integrado de Atendimento a Mulher' (CIAM), an institution that provides support to woman who suffered domestic violence.

Most of the participants are being supported by this center and were given the chance to qualify themselves through the course professionally in order to improve their difficult financial and personal situation.

The event was attended by the Secretary for Policies for Women and the Superintendent for Women’s Rights in Rio de Janeiro who were very satisfied with the results and organization of the program.

The event was given a beautiful setting by the decorations and perfectly organized by the CIAM (Center for the Support of Woman Rights) and greatly accompanied by live music.

After a couple of songs the event turned to its climate: the fashion show, where the participants showed their learned skills in hair dressing and the fashion accessories they had crafted. The catwalk was greatly supported by models the community of Cidade da Deus, and the live music and received huge waves of applause from the crowd that had come to celebrate the achievements of the participants.

As the closing act the representatives from the sponsoring institutions were given the honor to award the certificates personally to the participants and invite them to some snacks the organizers had prepared.

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