Myosource's KBands Burn Workout DVDs Offer Fat-Burning Workouts for Beginners, Advanced Users

Burn fat and lose weight with 60-day innovative exercise band program

Olathe, KS, August 29, 2011 --( While the P90X craze has hit many American homes by storm, many novice exercisers are finding the workouts too long and too difficult. Myosource's KBands Burn exercise DVDs are an alternative for individuals striving to improve fitness through a challenging workout that gradually increases intensity.

“Some of the popular workout videos on the market are too long and if someone is not already in shape, the workouts are difficult to complete,” said Marlin McQueen, founder of Myosource Kinetic Bands and co-owner of KBands Burn Workout Series, a 60-day workout program found at

McQueen said the KBands Burn program uses interval training with exercise bands and allows an individual to perform exercises at their own pace for two minutes and then repeat after a short rest. People of different fitness levels can workout together side-by-side and go at a comfortable pace, while gaining great results from interval training.

“Adding intervals to your cardio routine puts you on the fast track to reaching your fitness goals,” said Hollis Templeton of His recommends maxing out a cardio workout with interval training to accelerate goals and see results.

KBands Burn DVDs are Short, Effective Workouts

Everyone from a high school student to an empty-nester can complete the KBands Burn workout program. The KBands Burn DVD set includes 10 DVDs that make up a complete body workout. The program begins with low impact workouts and gradually increases intensity through power workouts. KBands Burn includes eight 38-minute calorie and fat burning workouts plus two 13-minute workouts for core strength and abs.

“All of our workout DVDs get people to the fat-burning stage where calories and fat are burned. Because the workouts use resistance bands, people will continue burning fat for several hours after the workout is completed,” said McQueen.

The KBands Burn program has already begun gaining steam among those using resistance band workouts to lose weight and tone up. One woman has dropped nearly 50 pounds and others have experienced slimming waistlines.

“My goal when I started losing weight was to get into the single digits and now that I am in full workout mode I have passed that and am hoping to get into a size four soon,” said Sarah Newman, a single mom from Missouri using the KBands Burn Workouts. “I know that I would not be able to have this awesome experience without my exercise band workouts!

KBands Burn is a complete body workout that utilizes exercise bands for added resistance and weight loss. The 60-Day workout program comes with 10 DVDs, a set of lower body resistance bands (KBands), heart rate monitor, watch, pedometer, tape measure, workout calendar, nutrition guide and a drawstring backpack for $99.00 plus shipping. For more information about KBands Burn, visit

Myosource is a company dedicated to the development of athletes of all ages as well as those interested in staying in shape. Myosource Kinetic Bands are safe and effective, great for all sports, and complement any workout routine or weight-loss program. For more information about Myosource Kinetic Bands, visit

Marlin McQueen