Groteck Represents One Day Conference Within InfoSecurity Russia 2011 - Business Continuity Management

The VIII International InfoSecurity Russia, StorageExpo & Documation Show 2011 introduces a one day conference “Business Continuity Management.” The Conference will be held on 29 September, at 12.00-18.00, in Conference Hall #2. Organizer - Almitek. Primary sponsor - Symantec.

Moscow, Russia, August 27, 2011 --( “The conference will concentrate on burning issues of business continuity management,” says Alexey Chekanov, CEO of Almitek. “At the event, we will answer the question whether cloud technologies can provide new quality in business continuity management; we will also demonstrate the existing potential for effective and safe deployment of workplaces. The conference will be concluded with the section totally dedicated to real enterprises - these will share their experience in business continuity management.”

Business Continuity Management Conference addresses heads of IT, information security and business continuity departments from all industries with special focus on those who have real needs and problems.

The conference falls into three sections: Clouds and Business Continuity, Restoring Workplaces and Business Continuity - Experience is the Mother of Wisdom.

“Business continuity management is quite a conservative field. Shaping the program of the conference, we intentionally tried not to repeat and give the audience opportunity to discuss those issues which yet have no practices developed, which are highly ambiguous and where the colleagues’ experience is so important,” comments on Alexey Chekanov, CEO of Almitek. “Cloud technologies attract the biggest interest of the audience and that is why we decided to start from them. Speaking about business continuity, these are mature enterprises that usually face the challenge of creating reserve workplaces. We think now is the right time for many enterprises. Finally, interchange of experience with your colleagues is always invaluable. The conference will actively involve customers including those who already use new technologies or plan their deployment.”

CTOs of Megafon, CitiBank, Eldorado and others vendors and corporate customer representatives will be the key speakers at the event.

Conference Program
Section Clouds and Business Continuity is dedicated to the use of cloud infrastructures to provide the required level of business continuity for IT services.

Key topic: Can Cloud Service Providers Guarantee the Appropriate Level of Service?

Key issues:
- Clouds - basic or reserve platform?
- Public clouds versus private clouds
- How to achieve required level of safety working with clouds?
- Existing “cloud” offers
- Managing the level of providing cloud service and providers’ responsibility

Section Restoring Workplaces is dedicated to the problems of restoring workplaces in an emergency.

Key issues:
- Hot topics on providing reserve workplaces (security, law compliance, cost of running, technological problems)
- Existing solutions to provide remote work
-User experience of clouds.

Section Business Continuity - Experience is the Mother of Wisdom is dedicated to the experience on creating business continuity systems for the whole year by certain enterprises.

The VIII International InfoSecurity Russia, StorageExpo & Documation Show 2011 will be held on 28 - 30 September 2011 in Moscow, Sokolniki Expo Centre, Hall 4.

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