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UKPB Estate Agents Limited Announce Their Inclusive RICS Valuation Service

UKPB Estate Agents are an online estate agent, charging a fee, but no commission. As part of their service they guarantee that every client will have their valuation done by a home visit from a RICS Surveyor.

London, United Kingdom, August 26, 2011 --( UKPB Estate Agents Limited, an online estate agent, today announces their Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation Service.

Director of Operations David Smith explained: “Before any estate agent places a client’s property on Rightmove, it is a condition that the property proposed for listing is visited by an independent person, who verifies that the particulars of the property, such as the photographs, location and description are correct, the seller is not allowed to supply this information straight to the site. In this way the integrity of the site is protected.”

Many agents send out an estate agent to view and value the client’s property.

Smith went on to explain, “We have decided to send a RICS surveyor to every client’s property as part of our service, a surveyor, we believe, is best placed to provide the best advice to the client, about the valuation of the property. Of course, the client is at liberty to put their own price tag onto their home, but we always urge the client to place the property onto the market at market value. An unsold property languishing for months unsold is unsatisfactory. The property can become tarnished in the view of potential buyers.

“Although the surveyor is not conducting a structural survey, it would be an expectation that they would point out any problems, to the client, that may require investigating, as is the case with a mortgage valuation. All surveyors will be chosen from a postcode local to the client’s property.”

UKPB Estate Agents is a new online estate agent that for a fee, places their clients onto a number of property portals, including Rightmove. It is the intention of the company to provide the highest class of service possible to the customer. The surveyor’s valuation is included in the fee charged.

The company believes that it is the only online estate agent that is guaranteeing the use of surveyors, to view and value its client’s properties.

For more information please contact them on 0800 6 94 93 92.

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