Mobile Lifestyle LLC Introduces Wine DB, a Cellar Management and Wine Review Application

Wine DB combines community wine reviews, cellar tracking and extensive wine database to help wine lovers remember their experiences and enjoy wines even more.

San Jose, CA, August 27, 2011 --( When we think about wine we think about tradition and processes that have been used for generations. We enjoy and embrace the traditions that that create millions of unique flavors, styles and blends. However, we can enjoy our wines even more, with the mobile devices of today and Wine DB, Mobile Lifestyle’s App for the iPhone.

Wine DB helps you remember your experiences. You can easily create reviews for wine’s you have tried, and with Wine DB’s profile system, you can quickly create a profile for each wine, so that it will jot your memory of the flavors of the wine in a week or in a year. If you found a keeper, you can quickly add it to your wish list, so you will not forget it the next time you are at the store.

Getting to know wine is an ongoing process that requires a curious mind and some experimentation, and often it is a very social experience. It is nice to be able to compare and discuss with other wine lovers. That’s why WineDB is more than an app, it is a community of wine lovers that share their experiences. You can always get hints from the rest of the community, their ratings, wine profiles and notes. Or just look at the pre-compiled lists from Wine DB such as “Top Reds/Whites,” or “Most Talked About” for some recommendations.

Wine DB also provides a cellar tracker for you to manage your wine cellar. Whether you have a large or small cellar, Wine DB provides a single place for combining all your cellar information. You can quickly search or sort by name, number of bottles, price, to find the bottle that you are looking for. It is very easy and fun to use. You can now carry your cellar in your pocket, review it and modify it where you need, whether it is at a winery where you just purchased a case, or at a restaurant where you found that new gem.

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