Cain Promotionals of Atlantic City Area, Launches New Custom Direct Mail to List of Services Program for 2011

The distributor based services program is geared toward offering a comprehensive approach to customer requests and remains an option to all customers; with no base order required.

Atlantic City, NJ, August 28, 2011 --( Cain Promotionals, of the Atlantic City area, has begun their custom direct mail launch with specific attention being made towards the New Jersey and mid-Atlantic region. The increase to the service line for Cain Promotionals is in large part due to the requests by customers for an integrated notification system that does not compete with any online service pattern. Now with the direct mail integration the new Jersey based ad specialties company is able to reach a different market within their consumer plan, offer the direct mail to its clientele and underscore their dedication to customer service.

In addition to the growth of their service line, Cain Promotionals is also due to increase their service area by now allowing for orders to be taken via their integrated call center. By allowing for customers to review their order via the internet and then speak directly with a representative in regards to the placement, it should allow for a more restructured supply chain thus creating a higher maintenance rate of customers.

As Cain Promotionals’ services program continues to grow in strength it is the hope of Cain Promotionals that their growth within their specific market places will steadily rise as it has over the course of the first half of 2011.

More about the Company

Cain Promotionals’ base is able to offer a whole host of products to clients looking to purchase promotional materials of all sorts for their association and/or cause. Supporting this would be the company’s web 2.0 enhanced online platform which allows for complete review of all products and assortments. As with any e-commerce site,, is the foundation for growth and interaction for customers throughout the country. presents a multi-platform product list to their clients of: apparel, drink ware, key chains, writing instruments, post it notes, etc. As well as the ability to create a customized logo for implementation into the products to which their clients purchase. From the inception of the company, efforts have remained constant to cater towards those searching for great products at a great price without having to make bulk orders. With this in mind, the company hopes their newly launched website,, will now be the primary tool of their clients, offering them the ability to review, design, and purchase their products at any time of day, any day of the week without the hassles involved in physically visiting a company's store site.

The Cain Promotionals Company caters to everyone looking for superior products at reasonable rates. Culminating in a company that caters to local and nationwide groups wanting to advertise while remaining cost conscious. Another primary focus is on impeccable quality of products and service, Cain Promotionals hopes their website will continue to provide quality promotional products, while generating a substantial branding mark and educating others on the inherent benefits of promotional marketing.

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