GreenSmart Introduces Neogreene Laptop Sleeves: Cool Alternative to Stinky Neoprene

Grass Valley, CA, August 28, 2011 --( GreenSmart, a global brand of eco-friendly bags and cases, introduces a new twist to its signature Neogreene laptop sleeves, now with 3D exteriors. Two separate exterior textures have been created, in multiple colors that offer all the benefits of neoprene, with the added element of exterior dimensionality.

The two styles, named after endangered species called the Numbat and Saola, have ridges and bumps respectively. These dimensional features molded into the surface of the products provide an easier grip surface for carrying the sleeve or removing the laptop, while still providing a uniform cushioned surface inside of which is the laptop.

These sleeves are more accessible than the average sleeve with a zipper that goes further around the bag than just across the wide side. “Our thought process on this is that many users put a sleeve into a vertically aligned bag, like a backpack, and want to slide the laptop out of the sleeve without having to remove the sleeve from the backpack. The extra length of zipper, with the second zipper puller, allows the consumer to make a choice as to how to get into their sleeve,” said Tom Larsen, President of GreenSmart.

Both of the styles have light gray fuzzy interiors. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, these interiors are made from recycled plastic bottles yet feel more like polar fleece. Neogreene is also waterproof, eliminating worry for those who tend to carry a drink and a laptop at the same time. Each sleeve is equipped with two easy-to-grasp zipper pulls. Numbat and Saola laptop sleeves are available in a two sizes, for MacBook 13 and MacBook 15, which also fit comparable laptop PC sizes.

The introduction of Neogreene solves serious problems associated with neoprene. Neoprene, while useful for applications such as the automotive and electrical industries, is made with toluene and dimethyl formaldehyde which can be highly toxic. Formaldehyde is traditionally used for embalming and preserving laboratory specimens, while toluene is known to cause severe neurological harm.

Produced with a brand-new technology, Neogreene is refreshingly absent of the telltale “chemical” smell of neoprene. Using water-based adhesives instead of the highly toxic solvent types, Neogreene offers the same stretch, cushion, resilience, and durability as neoprene, but uses 25% less petroleum and 25% less energy in manufacturing. It is also 50% lighter, reducing transportation fuel requirements.

In a further nod to the environmental commitment of GreenSmart, its products are named after endangered species with hang tags on product that provide a quick insight to the create. Additionally, the company commits 10% of its profits to supporting non-profit organizations that are working to protect habitat.

GreenSmart, based in Grass Valley, CA, has been making bags and accessories since 1995. Under the name Shoreline, they initially made the products by the same methods as other suppliers, switching to eco-conscious materials in 2006 and introducing Neogreene in 2009. Their laptop bags and other items are sold nationwide through college bookstores, Mac specialist stores, luggage and specialty stores, as well as at numerous e-tailers online as well as globally. Learn how GreenSmart’s products are better for the planet by visiting

Debbie Williams