AdToll Sets Launch Date as June 18th 2007

Perth, Australia, April 05, 2007 --( AdToll is proud to announce that the online advertising network they have been developing since October 2006 will launch on June 18th, 2007. The service is described as a “new advertising network bringing together publishers and advertisers providing effective, profitable and reliable service.”

The network will allow publishers to earn through fixed price sponsored advertisements and Pay Per Click (PPC) Run Of Network (RON) advertisements. Unlike other networks that take 50% or more of the publisher’s advertising revenue, AdToll is dedicated to making sure that publishers are fairly compensated for the income their web site earns. Publishers with AdToll will be paid 75% of the income their websites generate. Publishers also have a great amount of control of how the advertisements appear allowing them to earn revenue without hurting the overall user experience. Detailed statistics and earning reports are offered to help publishers reach their highest earning potential. Commissions paid monthly to PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.

As for advertisers, AdToll has an aggressive click-fraud program to ensure that all invalid clicks are not charged for and that those users who continually conduct such behavior are banned from the network. AdToll also has a “feature rich directory giving you the ability to search and filter all publisher sites allowing you to pinpoint the exact type of site you want to advertise on.” This enables advertisers to get the most out of their advertising dollar and effectively reach their target market. Detailed statistic reports will be available to help advertisers best conduct their campaign.

“We understand that service is the biggest concern to publishers and advertisers alike. To help them overcome this, they will be assigned an account manager who will be available to them whenever they need,” said Dan Rucci.

AdToll has begun taking the e-mail addresses of those who wish to be reminded via e-mail when the network launches. There is currently a promotion where one user who signs up to the newsletter will receive US $100 in advertising credit when the network launches.

You can get all the program details and sign up for the newsletter at

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