Net Neutrality Goes Global: The First Global Survey on Net Neutrality Launched

Sydney, Australia, April 06, 2007 --( The first online survey on net neutrality was launched this week seeking to better understand the issues and to test perceptions of Internet users globally.

“Whilst the issue of net neutrality is currently focused on the US, it is starting to cross borders indicating that it is set to become a global issue. It concerns all of us, not just US citizens,” says Chris Ellis co-founder of where the survey is being run.

“Net neutrality has become a buzzword with claims and counterclaims, yet no real research has been undertaken which tests what people really think. It is amazing that net neutrality is about the future of the Internet, yet no one has bothered to use this great tool to garner a better understanding of the issue through research.”, which stands for community powered internet, was also launched this week and seeks to promote the idea the solution to maintaining the Internet open and fair is by empowering communities to become Internet access providers on a social enterprise basis.

“Everyone is talking about regulating ISPs or leaving it to private enterprise, yet no one has suggested the idea of a different business model for ISPs, which is a third more simpler option,” Mr Ellis stated.

Mr Ellis goes on to explain that social enterprise is characterised by creativity, entrepreneurship, and a focus on community rather than individual profit. By adopting this business model, community groups worldwide would become stakeholders in the Internet rather than passive consumers. As stakeholders they will have a greater say in how the Internet develops.

In another first, the survey available at is open and anyone can access and run filters to mine the data online and draw their own conclusions.

Net neutrality is a recent term which refers to the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet, not the Internet access providers.

Chris Ellis
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