The Plague Lives Again with Past Preservers

Past Preservers and Crimson Bamboo LLC announced today the launch of a new Rama tour through the horrors of the Black Death of 1665.

London, United Kingdom, August 31, 2011 --( “Julian Walker’s tour, The Great Plague of London, transports you back to London's darkest historical chapter,” explained Michael Carroll, co-founder of Crimson Bamboo, the creator of the Rama iPhone app. “It allows you to walk in death's footsteps as you follow the narration in the words and drawings of those who actually lived through the epidemic.”

Walker is an artist and writer interested in language and social history, who lives in London and teaches at the British Library. He has worked with several major museums in the UK and abroad, and is the author of the Discovering Words series published by Shire Books. He has studied at St Martin’s College of Art and Design, and holds a Masters degree in English Literature, a perfect combination with which to illustrate his tour with wonderful contemporary quotes and adapted woodcut images.

“The Great Plague of 1665 was a phenomenon which put enormous pressure on London and its people,” stated Walker. “Through the nine months of the epidemic we see Londoners at their best and at their worst, applying absurd regulations and grasping for empty remedies, and at the same time nursing each other despite the risk of almost certain death. As a Londoner I am amazed that the physical effects of the Plague can still be seen in my city 350 years after it happened. It's a great story of despair and survival, and one that shows how fragile and resilient this city is.”

“The Great Plague of London is the tenth tour produced by Past Preservers for the Rama app, which is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad,” reported Nigel Hetherington, CEO and founder of Past Preservers, proudly. “For only $2.99, it is now possible to discover all the gory details of one of London's most horrible tragedies!”

Rama was named as one of the ten best new travel apps by BBC Travel in 2010 and can be downloaded at Author info packs can be requested by writing to

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