For Glenfiddich and Chivas Regal Single Malt Scotches, The Whiskey Place Has New Lower Prices now has select bottles of Glenfiddich and Chivas Regal, two fine blended and single malt scotches, on sale for a limited time.

Brooklyn, NY, August 31, 2011 --( Online liquor retailer The Whiskey Place is promoting a selection of discount blended and single malt scotches by Glenfiddich and Chivas Regal. Available online at, these two single malt scotch brands boast a rich history.

A Speyside single malt scotch whisky, Glenfiddich is among The Whiskey Place's most popular brands. In Gaelic, the name means "valley of the deer," which is why a buck features prominently on Glenfiddich bottles. The Glenfiddich 21 year old offers a particularly complex taste at an affordable $139.99 at The Whiskey Place. With a nose comparable to that of a freshly opened box of chocolates, the Glenfiddich 21's palate has traces of coffee and vanilla, with hints of amber, and a dry yet juicy finish. A quality aged liquor, the Glenfiddich 21 is a choice present for a man who knows his single malt scotch whisky, or to celebrate a young man's coming of age.

Although Chivas Regal scotch whiskey is also distilled in Speyside, the brand specializes in blended bottles, setting it apart from Glenfiddich and The Whiskey Place's other single malt scotch brands. The ages on the Chivas Regal bottles reflect the minimum ages of each of the whiskeys used to create the blend; the Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 year old whiskey, for example, features a combination of single malt whiskeys aged at least 21 years.

On sale at The Whiskey Place for $139.99 (from $159.99), the Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 is comparably priced to the Glenfiddich 21 year old at $139.99, but the bottles' tastes vary tremendously. The Royal Salute's rich golden hue reflects the crisp and fresh nose with nutty and fruity flavorings, which lead to a palate of creamy smokiness with a mild floral finish.

For those with a more limited budget, the Chivas Regal 18 year old is listed at The Whiskey Place for only $60.99. It’s reddish amber color and sweet, fruity nose are tapered by a mellow oakiness. The palate includes peat and caramel, with satisfying tinctures of orange. Its finish is very dry, a touch spicy, and a tad smoky. A more middle of the road whisky, this Chivas Regal bottle is ideal to share with friends after dinner.

Glenfiddich offers a similarly agreeable after-dinner wine in its 15-year-old Solera, on sale at The Whiskey Place for $54.99. This accessible bottle features a chocolaty nose, smooth creamy palate with hints of white chocolate and pear, and a lip-smacking finish.

For more information about Glenfiddich, Chivas Regal or The Whiskey Place, call 877-944-6440 or go to This blended and single malt scotch store is also online on Facebook and Twitter at and

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