Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC is Offering Free Shipping on Longevity Plasma Cutters, Welders, and Multipurpose Units

Lowell, MA, August 31, 2011 --( Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment is proud to reinstate free shipping on all Longevity plasma cutters, welders, and multipurpose units.

Among the selection of plasma cutters are the Longevity ForceCut 40d, 50d, 40i, 50i, 60i and 80i, as well as the PlasmaPro. All include 100% constant arc and IGBT technology, in addition to many extras, including clamps and various consumables.

Among the selection of TIG and MIG welders include the ArcMate 160, designed with a new and improved internal wire feed system, as well as the Longevity TigWeld 250, a TIG welder/stick welder combination unit. Longevity MigWeld 250P Pulse MIG welder was recently designed primarily for industrial welding applications. With a new and improved internal wire feed system and spool gun compatibility, the MigWeld 250P competes with top model MIG welders in the industry.

The multipurpose units include the Weldmax 205i multipurpose plasma cutter / welder which comes with a tig torch and stick holder. The Longevity WeldAll 360 Multipurpose Unit features a 60AMP Plasma Cutter (AC/DC) TIG/ARC Welder with PULSE Control, as well as Pilot Arc starting technology allowing for non contact continuous ARC starting. The Longevity WeldAll 360 is a revolutionary unit that will allows cutting and welding every type of metal in the industry. The unit features ACDC TIG inverter technology which allows welding of aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, bronze, copper, alloy, and other metals. The plasma cutter is state of the art featuring Pilot Arc Plasma starting technology, which enables a full arc without having to touch the torch on the workpiece.

Please all Clark Heintz at 603-234-2612 to order your plasma cutter, welder, or multipurpose unit.

Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC
Amy Carmosino