Houston - Workshop More Effective Than Marriage Counseling? You be the Judge.

For the first time ever, Houston psychotherapist, Dawn Nelson, will present "Keeping Love Alive" by Michele Weiner-Davis at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston. This one of a kind program is for individuals who want more love and connection in their marriages and who ultimately want to prevent a divorce.

Houston, TX, August 31, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Finally, A Practical Method to Reduce the Alarming Rate of Divorce and Increase Marital Satisfaction.

For the first time ever, Houston psychotherapist, Dawn Nelson, will present Keeping Love Alive® by Michele Weiner Davis at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.

Keeping Love Alive® is a five week marriage enrichment/divorce prevention course based on the concept that people want solutions to their relationship struggles not a greater understanding of their problems. Unlike other programs, Keeping Love Alive® by Michele Weiner-Davis won’t drag you into the past in order to change your future. More importantly you can see positive results in a short amount of time.

This year over one million marriages will end in divorce. In Harris County, Texas nearly 4,000 divorces are filed every month.

Nelson states, "To me this means we have a great number of people who have tried and tried to improve their marriages and are so frustrated and unhappy that they have decided that ending them is their best option." Nelson, who personally trained with Weiner-Davis in her Divorce Busting techniques is the only certified "Keeping Love Alive"® leader in the Houston area. Like Weiner-Davis she believes there are many unnecessary divorces.

"Michele Weiner-Davis was one of the first professionals in the mental health/marriage counseling arena to courageously speak out about unnecessary divorce," says Nelson. "She has since led the charge encouraging couples to make their marriages work." Weiner-Davis developed this breakthrough method for teaching individuals how to save their marriages and restore relationship happiness.

Keeping Love Alive® is designed to help you become your own relationship expert within a few short weeks. This program provides individuals a blueprint for handling conflict constructively and for interrupting hurtful and ineffective ways of interacting.

Nelson, who has a private practice in Houston states, "This program is critical for anyone contemplating divorce. It provides a practical, down to earth, step by step process to help create positive change in marriages quickly. Let's face it, if your marriage is in trouble you don't have the luxury of time to analyze your childhoods; you need solutions, not insight." She further says that “Keeping Love Alive”® by Michele Weiner-Davis is like nothing else she has ever seen. “This program reinforces what I believe about most marital problems - that they are solvable, that change is possible, that you have more of the answers than you think and that setting goals is a must."

Nelson begins the first Keeping Love Alive® workshop on September 1, 2011. She also presents this program for churches, schools, clubs, and community organizations.

Keeping Love Alive® is for people who:

-Want to feel even closer to their spouses
-Keep arguing about the same old subjects
-Want tools for breaking free of relationship ruts
-Feel hopeless and are considering separation or divorce

For more information and to register for the workshop go to: www.keepinglovealivehouston.com

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