AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions to Offer Compliance Training Programs to Kaplan University Students

Warren, NJ, September 01, 2011 --( AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (AHS), one of the nation’s top 10 providers of medical billing and practice management services for physicians, today announced a new partnership with Kaplan University, Hagerstown, which allows top performing Kaplan Health Information Technology and Medical Billing and Coding students to participate in AHS’ compliance training modules to enhance their industry certifications and job prospects post-graduation.

Currently, all AHS employees participate in these training programs, which provide a comprehensive overview of important compliance topics in medical billing and practice management. Beginning in the Fall 2011, Kaplan students will also be eligible to participate in this training. The training program will consist of six modules, with each comprehensive overviews lasting several hours. Eligible Kaplan students will receive a certificate of completion once they finish the modules and AHS has approved the results.

Kaplan students will be able to take advantage of AHS’ expertise in two major areas: professional compliance and HIPAA compliance. As part of the professional compliance curriculum, students will gain insight on fraud awareness, coding and documentation, and referral guidelines. Kaplan students who participate in HIPAA compliance training will learn HIPAA awareness, privacy rules, protected health information, patient rights, and administrative, physical and technical safeguards.

“We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to meet with and hire some of Kaplan’s most talented graduates recently, and our continued growth allows us the chance to further this relationship, as we look to add more than 75 team members in the coming years,” says Brice Voithofer, vice president, anesthesia and ASC services.“Kaplan University provides its students with a comprehensive education, allowing AHS to hire from a strong talent pool. Having students participate in this compliance training with AHS employees is just the first step in identifying future candidates who may have an interest in working with us.”

In June, AHS was named Kaplan University’s Employer at the Year. Announced at the University’s 81st Commencement Ceremony on June 18, Voithofer was on-hand to accept the award on behalf of AHS’ 70 employees in the surrounding counties.

“AHS has been in the Chambersburg area for the past 25 years, and several Kaplan alumni work out of their Chambersburg location,” says W. Christopher Motz, president of the Kaplan University, Hagerstown campus.“This partnership builds on the already-extensive education and training our students receive, and we look forward to future opportunities for partnership with AHS. This is truly a great contribution to the community where our students and alumni live and work.”

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