Sun Coast Promos Launches Performance Plan for Miami Based Customers

Sun Coast Promos is now directing their performance plan to all Miami region customers in appreciation of their loyalty to the local promotional company and its products.

Miami, FL, September 01, 2011 --( Sun Coast Promos has launched their new performance plan for Miami area customers and is looking to increase market strength along with it. By adding in this new incentive plan, the company anticipates to boost repeat customers, as well as see a considerable rise to customer service levels on an in-house basis. All customers will be given an exclusive code which identifies them as part of the program when placing their order. The same code will then follow them throughout the sales and service process. The customer is then encouraged to share their code with up to 10 referrals. When these referrals utilize the customer unique code there is an option for the initial buyer to receive credit and rewards on future orders.

The creation and implementation of the performance plan comes from a desire by management to reward repeat customers as well as to track their return orders. Since the company primarily performs off their e-commerce platform by having a unique code for tracking they are able to quantify their level of consumer retention as well as levels of support and service.

The new program is still within its infancy and will most certainly see minor tune-ups as the year progresses, but by the end of 2011 and entering into 2012 Sun Coast Promos hopes to have a streamlined and proficient tool for measuring and setting benchmarks

More about the Company

Sun Coast Promos’ base is able to offer a whole host of products to clients looking to purchase promotional materials of all sorts for their association and/or cause. Supporting this would be the company’s web 2.0 enhanced online platform which allows for complete review of all products and assortments. As with any e-commerce site,, is the foundation for growth and interaction for customers throughout the country. presents a multi-platform product list to their clients of: apparel, drink ware, key chains, writing instruments, post it notes, etc. As well as the ability to create a customized logo for implementation into the products to which their clients purchase. From the inception of the company, efforts have remained constant to cater towards those searching for great products at a great price without having to make bulk orders. With this in mind, the company hopes their newly launched website,, will now be the primary tool of their clients, offering them the ability to review, design, and purchase their products at any time of day, any day of the week without the hassles involved in physically visiting a company's store site.

The Sun Coast Promos Company caters to everyone looking for superior products at reasonable rates. Culminating in a company that caters to local and nationwide groups wanting to advertise while remaining cost conscious. Another primary focus is an impeccable quality of products and service, Sun Coast Promos hopes their website will continue to provide quality promotional products, while generating a substantial branding mark and educating others on the inherent benefits of promotional marketing.

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Glenn Fajardo