Michael Carr Joins National Gold Group's Writing Staff

National Gold Group's Michael Carr Adds an Intellectual Touch to Web Commentary

Woodland Hills, CA, September 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The precious metals market got an intellectual boost today as financial expert and commentator Michael Carr joined National Gold Group’s team of journalists who monitor and report on the market trends affecting precious metals. Carr joins Chris Poindexter, NGG’s syndicated in-house senior writer, but with a distinctly different style.

“Chris and I have a lot of respect for each other, but we have very different styles,” Carr explained. “Chris does a lot more commentary than I do; I’m very data driven. I present information to help readers visualize what’s going on in the markets at any given time, and I also explain what all of the graphs and numbers mean. We really complement each other.”

With Poindexter and Carr, NGG has a winning team that covers a lot of ground in their weekly commentaries and market analysis. “We call them yin and yang,” joked National Gold Group COO Trevor Gerszt, “Poindexter is very global, but then you’ve got Carr, who really dissects details. I love that we can cover both angles, and I think our customers really respond to both writers’ styles.” It’s easy to see why; both writers explain complex and frequently opaque financial concepts in plain, everyday language that even newcomers to the market can easily understand.

Gerszt went on to explain that bringing Carr onto the National Gold Group team was part of the company’s larger strategy to focus on providing information for its clients as a way to keep them informed on all aspects of the precious metals industry. “We don’t want to be the people who just tell you what to do and what to buy,” he said. “Our account execs can give you all the help you need, but a lot of our clients want to understand the market, too. We want to support that as much as possible, and that's where our writers come in.”

Michael Carr’s latest article for NGG can be viewed at http://bit.ly/niSwcE. National Gold Group is a full service financial firm specializing in gold and silver as investment vehicles. The company is recognized as one of the top firms in its industry. Its new website is online at www.NationalGoldGroup.com.

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