Mobile Marketing and Technology Host the Second Mobile Payment Conference

Google wallet and Isis are expected to hit the marketplace in the coming weeks. What should you expect? Will it affect your business? Should you join forces? Find out information on this topic and many others next week at the event.

New York, NY, September 01, 2011 --( Executives leading many of the firms at the center of the mobile payments, mobile wallet, digital goods payment and person-to-person mobile payment businesses will speak at the Mobile Payments Conference, to be held in New York, Sept. 8th and 9th, 2011 at the New Yorker Hotel.

An up-to-date agenda can be viewed online. Speakers will address a number of key topics, including:

- Mobile payments as an enabler for mobile commerce
- the economics of mobile payments
- how mobile payments work in a store
- how mobile advertising relates to mobile payments
- person-to-person mobile payments in Africa
- how social shopping and coupons fit with mobile payments
- why mobile purchases of digital goods are important
- how mobile payments work in the non-profit sector
- how mobile payments might lead to “virtual currency”

Speakers from MasterCard, American Express and eBay (Zong) will be among the featured speakers. Payfone and Vivotech, major suppliers of the retailer terminals, also will be talking about how retailers view mobile payments. A number of noted consultants and analysts also will provide their views about where the market is, where it is going, what the key obstacles might be, and what contestants must do to succeed.

Working press can register at no charge.

The Mobile Payments Conference is sponsored by Mobile Marketing & Technology, an online resource for the mobile payments and mobile wallet businesses.

Marla Ellerman, Publisher
Mobile Marketing & Technology

Mobile Marketing and Technology
Marla Ellerman