New Website Offers an Insight Into What's Hot in Team Building Activities

It's been 5 months since the launch of ifind Team Building and the website has received over 20,000 page views.

Sydney, Australia, September 02, 2011 --( It's been 5 months since the launch of ifind Team Building and the website has received over 20,000 page views. The activity categories that are viewed the most, offer a good indication of what's hot in team building activities right now.

Without doubt the most popular activity category is Cooking. "With TV series like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules it's easy to understand what is driving this popularity," said managing director Adrian Risely. A cooking activity is great for mixed groups as it doesn't require the physical input needed for many other activities. It also offers the added benefit of eating what you create. ifind Team Building lists cooking team building all over Australia.

It seems that TV has a great influence on team building activities with the "Amazing Race" category being the second most visited. "These 'treasure hunt' style activities create a fun environment that require input from every member of the team to solve tasks and challenges while navigating to the next check point," said Mr Risely. ifind Team Building lists a number of suppliers offering these activities and can be found at Amazing Race team building.

Also making the top 4 are Team Challenges and Art based Team Building.These are both great team building activities as they can be tailored to suit different groups and different objectives. Team Challenges range from physical "boot-camp" style activities to 4WD adventures whilst artistic team building will help to open up the creative brain and so can also be used to aid creative thinking and brainstorming.

ifind Team Building is Australia's number one Team Building directory & guide. Listing over 50 activity, training and venues providers, it's free to use and puts organisers in direct contact with suppliers.To view the website, log on to

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