Women Getting Noticed: Influence and Persuasion Expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, Advises Women How to Get Noticed by the Right People

Fort Wayne, IN, September 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Although women are making great strides in getting noticed at work, home and in the social sphere, they still find themselves making less than men on the dollar, working long hours and dealing with workplace discrimination. Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D, advises some "getting noticed" tips that women can use to keep the attention on them.

According to Keller, “Women are tired of being just a face in the crowd or being the wall flower at work and home. Women need to make an intentional decision to get noticed. But before they consciously make efforts to get noticed the first thing they need to do is figure out who should be noticing them.”

“Women need to ask who really matters. Who do they want (or need) to impress? Knowing this single piece of information will save lots of energy, time and work. For instance, why would you want to be noticed by someone selling sand when you live in the desert?”

Keller adds, “The point is to be noticed by people who can help you, refer to you, and educate you.

“Find out who will spread the word about the great work you are doing or the wonderful person you are. It’s great to be noticed by people who can give you a promotion or buy what you are selling.

“Get the ‘skinny’ on where they hang out, what they enjoy doing, who they allow into their ‘inner’ circle and what makes them tick or take a second look.

“Next, position yourself in the best possible light. Take up golf, write a provoking article, share an off-the-wall idea (these get noticed big time) or demonstrate a unique talent or skill.

“Do anything that will place you in their sights or train of thought. Create a presence especially in key places that are relevant to your target. If your boss is a fitness freak then you can show up at her gym – preferably working out!

“It isn’t always what your prospect sees as much as it is what they are thinking. So, get in their head. Creating a presence may simply mean walking in the door. This is the caveat of real influence.

“Never rule out anyone until they have flunked your 'Get Noticed Checklist.' Remember the person selling sand? Well, maybe if you live in the desert you do want to be noticed by him. Because he may be the best rep to sell your sand! Don’t be too quick to eliminate anyone.

“Be outgoing, assertive and a multi-tasker – make your existence felt – be more that just visible, be available. Broadcast who you are. Your body language and conversation should reflect a confident you.

“Be a ‘bridge builder.’ Master your skills to link, introduce and connect people to people. People love to see you promoting other people because they then believe you will promote them, too.

“Be a leader rather than a follower. Organize the next picnic. Write articles for the newsletter or volunteer for special projects. Put yourself out there regardless of your fear of being judged or ridiculed.”

Keller continues, “Demonstrate your authority in whatever topic, industry or piece of knowledge you choose to be an expert in. But be real. Talk about yourself often – in a positive and humble light. No room for phoniness, arrogance or inauthentic posturing.”

This requires you to know your unique selling points:

Who am I?
Why am I doing what I’m doing?
What do I think is REALLY important in life?
What is my personal philosophy?
How am I walking my personal beliefs?
What knowledge and experience do you have that will help or entertain people?

“Figure out what makes you special then make the most of it. You need to be a person of substance not fluff.”

Keller concludes, “Lastly, the best way of getting noticed by the right people, the ones who matter, is to be personable. Nothing makes them seek you out more than knowing you care, are approachable and have a true desire to talk (and listen) to them.

“Finally, show up! Put away any fears or self doubt. No thoughts of embarrassment. Exercise your chutzpah! Get out there and spread your wings. But be prepared and ready to either be rejected or fly. If you fly – great! If you’re rejected – get up and fly again.”

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