New Sushi Making Instructional Website Launching

A new website that teaches sushi lovers how to make sushi from their own kitchen is launching today.

San Diego, CA, September 02, 2011 --( A new website teaching beginners how to make sushi from home has just launched. Rachel Pett, owner and former elementary school teacher stated, “I am so excited to share this new course with others who are interested in saving money by making sushi from their own kitchens. I found that I saved so much money just by learning how to make my favorites at home than by going out to restaurants. And wow, it tastes amazing!”

This new site was designed with beginners in mind. For those who love to watch the Japanese chefs make sushi at their favorite restaurants, but are intimidated to try and make it at home, this course is for them. The step-by-step videos help to eliminate any fears a novice has to making sushi. It takes the viewer through the proper fish handling techniques, which ingredients to purchase, where to go shopping, and how to make your sushi rice and rolls. The DVD is over one and half hours long of practical visual advice and the manual provides 85 pages of fear-squelching information. Also included are some of the most popular and favorite recipes found in sushi bars.

Due to her background in teaching elementary education, Rachel knows that people learn best through visual and auditory means. After researching, studying, testing and speaking to Japanese sushi chefs, she has taken all she has learned and put it into this one course. “This course is fantastic because no matter what your style of learning is, you will learn how to make sushi, period. My goal in mind during my many months of researching was the beginner sushi chef. So every question a novice would ask, I answered. If you’ve had any fears in making this delectable food at home, after taking my course, you won’t be afraid any more. I guarantee it!”

Secrets to Sushi Making Success
Rachel Pett