BIOMIN Asia Nutrition Forum Takes the Center Stage in October

BIOMIN, a leading company in the global animal health and nutrition industry, announces the dates and destinations for the company’s biennial event, BIOMIN Asia Nutrition Forum. The forum will cater specifically to the Asian audience, spanning over six cities across Asia from 10 to 21 October, from Cebu to Pattaya, Coimbatore, Chang Sha, Zheng Zhou and Tokyo. The theme of the forum is “Sustainability: defining the basics, addressing the essentials, introducing NutriEconomics®.”

Singapore, Singapore, September 03, 2011 --( “The great challenge in agricultural science today is to produce sufficient food in a sustainable system that will feed the 9 billion people expected to be on this earth by 2050,” says Professor David Farrell, a key speaker. “As the price of food escalates and food riots are happening amongst the poor, we must get smarter to meet the challenge. There are solutions and there will be costs.”

With more people to feed and finite resources to depend on, the feed and animal production industry has to grow profitably without compromising the ability to meet future needs.

Targeting at key industry professionals from the poultry, pig, dairy and aquaculture sectors, the forum will feature an impressive panel of leading industry experts like David Farrell, Professor from the University of Queensland; John Baize, President of John C. Baize and Associates; Robert Van Barneveld, Professor from the University of New England and Consultant Research Scientist (Nutrition) of Barneveld Nutrition Pty Ltd, and Maximilian Schuh, Consultant and experienced veterinarian in diseases of swine and cattle. Representing BIOMIN are Jan Vanbrabant, CEO of BIOMIN Asia; Guan Shu, Technical Manager of BIOMIN Asia; Jim He, Technical Nutrition Manager of BIOMIN Asia; Wolfgang Markert, Director Development Department of BIOMIN Holding GmbH and Franz Waxenecker, Director Innovation Management of BIOMIN Holding GmbH.

Delegates can gain insights on various topics that address sustainability from different facets. Presentations will explore the solutions to feed the growing population, define the basics of sustainability using the NutriEconomics® program and look into the implications of commodity trade on animal production. In addition, discuss about feeding the livestock in 50 years, review the ban of AGP in Europe and identify the expectations and trends of antibiotic growth promoter use in Asia. BIOMIN will share the latest mycotoxins survey results, reveal the future of mycotoxin degradation and unveil innovations in animal health and nutrition.

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