Surprising Costs Revealed for Manual Website Maintenance

A complied report discloses the amount of average errors and high costs to maintain quality websites for UK and US law and accounting firms.

Minneapolis, MN, September 03, 2011 --( Most websites have errors such as broken links and misspellings. For law and accounting firms, these errors may cost more than time and manual labor but a loss in potential clients. Siteimprove complied data from their service called SiteCheck. SiteCheck is a cost effective solution hosted by Siteimprove that automatically checks your website every five days for errors. The service ran website checks with 50 law and accountancy firms and kept the run at 2,000 webpages. Siteimprove saw an average of 45 broken links and 30 misspellings. Steve Hennigs, Account Executive with Siteimprove in Minneapolis, stated; “It is important for firms to exercise quality work and attention to detail. Errors like broken links and misspellings on the website reflect poorly on the firm in both of these areas. By increasing the focus on website governance these types of mistakes can usually be avoided.”

When law and accounting firms add up web maintenance expenses on items listed above, the price is staggering. The cost of web maintenance can easily reach $3,000 per month. Siteimprove recommends organizations to employ a website governance strategy and utilize tools like SiteCheck to automate otherwise manual tasks in a more efficient and cost friendly manner. Boyd Savage, Applications Manager with Fredrikson & Byron, stated, “SiteCheck has proved invaluable in saving us time, money, and embarrassment. SiteCheck paid for itself almost immediately.” To read the full report, please visit:

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Our Siteimprove office in Minneapolis, MN has been in operation since 2007 providing services to US and Canada and currently working with more than 30 law and accounting firms. We have over 900 SiteCheck subscribers which includes universities, government agencies, private sector, and hospitals. Our Internet-based website services specialize in the field of web analytics, internal site search, content quality assurance, website monitoring, and search engine optimization. Websites for law and accounting firms hold a vast majority of information to bring in visitors such as but not limited to: prospecting clients, new talent, and showcasing past cases or current clients. Law and accounting firms utilize the easy to use products Siteimprove provides as a cost effective solution to their website maintenance and monitoring. Web teams of any organization, one or several hundred web editors, can access the effective tools to ensure having quality websites. We pride ourselves on excellent client service with each client receiving a dedicated account manager and technical support system to assist your web maintenance team.

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