New Tangent Publications Announces the Release of M. Mancey's New Fantasy Novel on the Amazon Kindle and iBookstore

New YA Fantasy Novel for Kindle and iPads, iPods. Ideal for readers wishing for something new and entertaining.

Eberbach, Germany, September 04, 2011 --( The Cripple and the Staff is a new book to add to the great collection of fantasy on offer those that love the genre. It brings a refreshing new story and angle, with welcome snippets of humor woven in.

The tale follows a boy who lives as an outcast seen by villagers as cursed. He is taken in by the feared old man of the wood, a sorcerer resident in the forest. The old man trains him as his apprentice, but when the threat of the ancient immortals arises the old man pushes him forward, knowing more about him than the boy himself.

The mortals who have remained blissfully ignorant of the existence of the immortals begin to panic when word spreads of their return from exile. They turn to the deadly Staff of Amrod for defence, and a contest of magic is called to find a champion to wield the Staff against them.

The sorcerer sends Shale to Ciral, an old city with roots to a past more ancient still. There he would take part in the Magic Match to claim the Staff. Shale finds himself in a challenge of his life as he discovers who he really is as he seeks to obtain the Staff. If he looses, he will be cut off from his master, but perhaps worst of all the land will once again find themselves in the dreadful grip of the immortals.

The Cripple and the Staff is now available on the Amazon Kindle store and on the iBookstore.

Paperbacks and other electronic versions to follow soon. Visit the New Tangent Publications website for more, including chapter samples.

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