Workophile Website Launches Anonymous Forum for Employees and Jobseekers to Profile Companies

A new social media website called Workophile aims to revolutionize the workplace. Workophile is an anonymous forum where employees can post feedback about their work experiences at companies they've worked for. Employees and job seekers will find Workophile to be an invaluable tool to find the best companies to work for and the most promising job opportunities.

Los Angeles, CA, September 30, 2011 --( A new forum called Workophile has been launched to help employees and companies improve their places of work. Workophile is a site where employees and job applicants can anonymously review past and present employers and post feedback about their work or interview experiences.

Information that will be shared includes:

Comments on the company culture
Views on management
Benefits and pay offered
Advancement and training opportunities
Raises and bonuses
New job postings

Workophile believes this insider information can be invaluable to present and future employees. Workers wishing to make a job change can visit the company profile and gain an insider's perspective on the company and the opportunities there. Moreover, at some companies, employees may find it difficult to voice concerns, so they can use Workophile to speak on their behalf.

Workophile is completely free to use. For a limited time, no registration is required to post comments. All Workophile asks is that employees and jobseekers share honest and candid information with the goal of improving everyone's work life and career opportunities. If a company isn’t listed, Workophile will rapidly add it.

At Workophile, the employee’s and job applicant’s voice matters. Workophile believes that there are specific qualities of companies that make them great. If these qualities are shared and embraced by others, everybody’s work life will be improved.

Workophile lives by the motto “Make your company work for you.” Workophile knows that if enough people speak up, employers will take heed and listen.

Learn more about Workophile by visiting the Workophile website.

John Langford