Free High Content Webinar Training – Secrets of Money-Making Membership Programs

On Tuesday, September 13th, Internet marketing advisor Kathleen Gage and host Chantal Beaupre will discuss, “The Secrets of Money-Making Membership Programs.”

Pleasant Hill, OR, September 06, 2011 --( Within two weeks of launching her first fixed term membership program Internet Marketing Advisor, Kathleen Gage, booked over $60,000 in revenue. Within a few more weeks this program had earned Gage over six figures. During a free webinar training offered on Wednesday, September 13th, Gage will reveal her top money-making membership program secrets.

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"I will be sharing my most valued secrets on how you can get a revenue-generating membership program off the ground easily and cost-effectively," promises Gage. "The beauty of a membership program is that it is sustainable revenue. The beauty of sustainable revenue is that, one, you know you will be able to pay your bills and two, you have the space for creativity to create other things in your business."

During this training Gage will discuss:

How one can start his own membership program
Why most people fail at this
The #1 step one must take to make this successful
How to market a membership program
How one can put his membership program on autopilot

"I am going to share with you exactly what you need to do to get a membership program off of the ground," states Gage, "including how to get members immediately and five ways to market your membership program."

Money-Making Membership Programs is being offered as a Free Webinar.

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About Kathleen Gage:

Kathleen Gage is an internationally recognized Internet Marketing advisor who works with socially conscious entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and consultants who are ready to turn their knowledge into money-making products and services. She does this by teaching them eProduct development, Internet marketing, multimedia program development, self-publishing skills, Webinar development, and developing mentoring courses that they can offer their clients.

She is known for her unique and creative approach to helping others understand the power of beliefs, thoughts, and actions that promote the marketing mindset and create a successful life.

As a bestselling success author, Kathleen Gage is a highly sought after expert guest on radio programs and Webinars. In addition to her Internet marketing business, Kathleen has been a keynote presenter for conferences and conventions for nearly 15 years.

Over the last 25 years, Kathleen Gage has received numerous business awards including the 1995-1996 and 1999-2000 National Speakers Association Utah Chapter Speaker of the Year, 1999-2000 Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Women's Forum Achievement Award for business innovation, The Leadership and Communications 2000 Award for Toastmasters International, and the Giant Step Award for 2004 from the Utah Department of Workforce Services for business innovation and success.

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