National Magazine Credits Chef Todd Mohr as “The Only Chef-Teacher In The World”

Apex, NC, September 08, 2011 --( Mageirocophobia is the fear of cooking. Many people suffer from this condition, and MacLean’s Magazine has called upon North Carolina Chef Todd Mohr to shed light on the affliction.

“Mohr may be the only chef-teacher in the world whose classes (at are designed to help phobic cooks,” wrote Julia McKinnell in the August 22nd weekly edition of Canada’s leading news magazine.

The article continues; “Fear of cooking is a real thing,” says chef Todd Mohr from his home in North Carolina. “It’s called mageirocophobia.” He immediately starts to spell the word as if it’s something he’s often asked to do. “The people I’ve seen in my cooking school and the thousands of people who take my classes online tell me basically the same four or five things.”

Chef Todd Mohr has a passion for helping people improve their lifestyle with simple cooking techniques that work! His “Burn Your Recipes” approach to teaching cooking has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world at

MacLean’s Magazine is the “NewsWeek” or “Time” of Canada, reaching 2.5 million readers in print, and the Gold Award winner for Digital Magazine of the year.

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