AnaSpec Introduces Industry’s First Anti-MOG ELISA Assay Kits

San Jose, CA, September 10, 2011 --( AnaSpec is pleased to be the first in the industry to provide Anti-MOG (Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein) ELISA assay kits. The SensoLyte® Anti-Human MOG (1-125) IgG Quantitation ELISA Kit, SensoLyte® Anti-Mouse MOG (1-125) and SensoLyte® Anti-Rat MOG (1-125) IgG ELISA assay kits are useful for determining the amount of anti-human MOG (1-125), anti-mouse MOG (1-125) and anti-rat MOG (1-125) antibodies, respectively.

The SensoLyte® Anti-MOG (35-55) IgG Quantitative ELISA kit is optimized to detect anti-MOG (35-55) mouse/rat IgG. Using strips pre-coated with MOG (35-55) peptide and pre-blocked with BSA, the amount of anti-MOG IgG in serum or cerebrospinal fluid can be determined by ELISA. Absorbance is read at 450 nm.

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