MissionMode Solutions and AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Partner to Provide Groundbreaking Crisis Management Tools for Weather Threats

MissionMode's partnership with AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provides web-based software for identifying weather-related threats, rapidly notifying people, coordinating activities, and effectively responding to the threats. This is the only comprehensive incident management system for responding to severe weather events, combining the weather intelligence of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions with MissionMode’s online command center.

Winston-Salem, NC, September 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- MissionMode Solutions, the leading provider of online crisis management and emergency notification software, has formed a partnership with AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions that transforms how organizations respond to the threat of severe weather. Site-specific weather warnings from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions are integrated with MissionMode’s Situation Center, an online command center for sending mass notifications and coordinating crisis response activities. Organizations have used MissionMode to minimize risks during numerous weather incidents, including hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, tornadoes and snow storms.

"AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions provides the expertise, warnings and technology to identify weather-related threats, and MissionMode provides the tools to rapidly notify people and effectively respond to the threat. Customers are now better-equipped to minimize the risks posed by weather crises," said Robert Edson, Vice-President of Sales at MissionMode. "Both company's tools have a proven record of protecting people, profits and property. That's why the team at MissionMode is so excited about the partnership."

When a severe weather threat occurs, it’s critical that the right people have accurate, up-to-the-minute information for their specific location. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ meteorologists send warnings for the affected sites to an organization’s MissionMode system, which automatically notifies the staff members that track and respond to severe weather.

If a response is needed, MissionMode sends alerts to any number of people via landline phone, mobile phone, SMS text message, email, pager or fax. A MissionMode command center is created, automatically customized for that type of severe weather threat. From the start, teams are equipped with the right emergency plans, checklists, and people to notify. Authorized personnel in any location use the command center to contribute and view vital information, track people's status, view reports and photos from the field, and monitor tasks.

"Organizations can also realize significant savings when they don't have to respond to a weather situation. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ unique null warnings, which are integrated with MissionMode, tell you when local severe weather will not affect facilities, avoiding costly, unnecessary shut-downs and evacuations," said Robert Edson. "The first organization to benefit from this partnership was able to prove ROI based on this capability alone."

Bradley J. Mitchell, Chief Commercial Officer, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions said "We are delighted to partner with MissionMode and their transformational incident management system. Working with MissionMode provides another means for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions to help clients translate weather impact into actionable insight to drive improved business performance - higher sales and/or lower costs with reduced risk."

About MissionMode

MissionMode Solutions, Inc. is a technology services provider dedicated to streamlining communications and facilitating team collaboration during crises and operational incidents. MissionMode's unique combination of mass notification and online crisis management creates a web-based virtual command center that helps private and public sector organizations reduce the time between knowing about a mission critical issue and doing something about it. MissionMode is a portfolio company of SilkRoad Equity LLC (www.silkroadequity.com), which specializes in public safety technologies amongst other high growth sectors. For more information, visit www.missionmode.com.

About AccuWeather, Inc.

AccuWeather delivers mission-critical, weather-driven, enterprise solutions that assist business, government, media, and institutions worldwide in protecting their people, property and profits from the effects of weather. AccuWeather's enterprise products include the most accurate, site-specific, customized severe weather warnings, short- and long-range forecasts, and applied weather information. In addition, the 116 AccuWeather meteorologists present forecasts and severe weather bulletins each day to one quarter of a billion persons worldwide via the free AccuWeather.com website, mobile devices and IPTV, through the airwaves, and in print. More than 50,000 third-party Internet sites display AccuWeather content, including the wallstreetjournal.com, CBS News Mobile, and WABC-TV New York. Visit www.accuweather.com for more information.

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